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Eligibility to run for East Wales

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify to compete for East Wales you must:

  • WA Byelaws approved 22.10.202216.2 Eligibility to compete in Regional Championships and to represent a Region at Welsh Inter Regional championships.16.2.1 To be eligible, an athlete must have at least ONE of the following qualifications:a) Birth – the athlete having been born in the Region.b) Residence – the athlete having resided continuously in the Region for a minimum of nine months immediately prior to the event. Residence to include service at a military unit based within the Region. Any athlete claiming eligibility to compete under this qualification must supply documentation details to the Regional Athletics Council in order to be processed before being accepted.c) An Athlete attending at a School, College or University in the Region. Students qualified under this criterion do not acquire a qualification to compete for the Region in UK inter county competitions.d) Retention of Residence – an athlete, who has competed for a Region under the residence qualification, retains their Regional eligibility, regardless of residence, until such time as they compete for another Region or county.e) In addition, the athlete must be registered with Welsh Athletics on the day of thevent AND they may not have competed in the championships of, nor represented another Region or County in the competition year.

Selection for Welsh Inter Regional Championships
Likely to take place mid-November but we await confirmation.

  • Seniors, Masters & Junior teams (for age groups U13, U15, U17, U20) selected
  • 15 athletes selected per team
  • First 6 in each age category in East Wales Championships selected automatically
  • Further athletes selected on the basis of East Wales Championships and previous cross-country, road & track performance
  • All selected athletes will receive notification and must confirm acceptance of selection



East Wales Clubs Road Race Championships 2024

The 4 races for the 2024 season are:
Race 1 – NEWPORT HALF MARATHON – 3rd March 2024 – Enter Here:
Race 2 – KYMIN DASH – 14th April 2024
Race 3 – SCENIC 7 – August
Race 4 – ELAN VALLEY 10 MILE ROAD RACE – November
Runners should enter the four nominated races, individually, in the usual way.
When entering the races, runners should include the name of the running club they are a 1st claim member of. All runners of eligible East Wales region running clubs will then automatically be entered into the championship.

Endurance Road Events

Useful Links

The Admiral City of Newport Half Marathon 

3 March 2024

All proceeds supporting patients and their families in our Community.

Trail & Mountain

Trail & Mountain Championships

If you have any questions regarding East Wales Fell Running, please contact Tom Meredith.

Useful Links

Links to follow.

Upcoming Trail & Mountain Events

Cross Country

East Wales Cross Country Championships


Useful Links

Links to follow.

Upcoming Cross Country Events

Track & Field

Track and Field Selection Policy

Selection Policy Aim
The selection panel will attempt to select the best team possible to represent East Wales at the Track & Field Inter-Regional Championships.
Athlete Eligibility
To be considered for selection, athletes must satisfy the following.
A) Birth: If born in Blaenau Gwent, Newport, Monmouthshire, Torfaen, South Powys and Caerphilly
(B) Residence: If have been resident, (9 months) continuously in East Wales since August 1st 2022
(C) Retention: If having qualified under (b) or (c), they retain the qualification until they acquire residential qualification and compete in the championships of another Welsh region or an English county AND They have not taken part in a
different Welsh Regional or English County Championships and not represented another Welsh Region or and English County in an Inter-Regional or Inter County event since October 1st 2022
Athletes must have a record of competition, which shows they are proficient in events that they have been selected for.
Selection Criteria
U15 and U17 Athletes who win outdoor East Wales Regional Championships in 2023 will gain automatic selection provided they have achieved the match standards*.
U20/Senior athletes who win outdoor East Wales Regional Championships will be considered for selection, providing they have the better time recorded for the event and have achieved match standards*. (See below)
The achievement of the Match standards (level 3 PB Awards) must conform with the following requirements:
1. Must be achieved in competitions organised or authorised by UKA/WA/ East Wales.
2. Wind assisted performances (or performances where wind measurement was not available) will not be accepted.
3. Hand timed performances in the 100m, 200m and Sprint Hurdles will not be accepted.
4. Indoor performances for all events will be accepted.

Competition Format
In 2023, the Inter-Regional Championships provides competition for:
U15G – 2 per region, U15B – 2 per region, U17W – 2 per region, U17M – 2 per region
U20W – 1 per region, U20M – 1 per region
SW- 1 per region, SM – 1 pre region
*U20 and Senior age groups events will combine for this Championships, Selectors have the option to select 2 x U20
athletes if deemed to be the best possible athletes to represent East Wales.




Competitions 2023

Events 2023:

100m U15G, U15B
U17W, U17M
SW/U20W, SM/U20M


U15G, U15B
U17W, U17M
SW/U20W, SM/U20M


U15G, U15B
U17W, U17M
SW/U20W, SM/U20M
3000m U17W, U20W/SW

Sprint hurdles

U15G, U15B
U17W, U17M
SW/U20W, SM/U20M

4 x 100m
4 x 100m

U15G, U15B
U17W, U17M

Medley Relay
[200m,200, 400m, 800m]

Mixed, 2 females, 2 males SW/U20W/SM/U20M

of 3 trials

U15G, U15B U17W, U17M
SW/U20W, SM/U20M
Javelin U15G, U15B
Shot U17W, U17M
SW/U20W, SM/U20M
Long Jump U15G, U15B
Triple Jump U17W, U17M
SW/U20W, SM/U20M

(Maximum of 6 attempts per athlete)

Pole Vault U15G, U15B
U17W, U17M
SW/U20W, SM/U20M
High Jump U15G, U15B
U17W, U17M
SW/U20W, SM/U20M

Selection Process

Selection Process
The selection meeting will take place on Monday 19 th June 2023. The Selection Panel (“the Panel”) will comprise of 5 voting members,
Joyce Tomala- Chair EWRAC
Darryn McAtee, Claire Barraclough -Team Managers,
Derek Osbourne, Deb Howells – Club representatives
Selected athletes will be informed by e-mail by Monday 26th June 2023. The team will be announced on Thursday 29th June 2023.
There is no obligation to fill all available positions.
In coming to its decision, the Panel will consider the following criteria: (in no priority order):
1. Current form 2023 season’s best performance and depth of performances
2. Head to head competitive records
3. Previous / other Championship performances
4. Injury status
5. Athletes who are supportive of East Wales RAC
6. Any other factors that, in the panel’s opinion, give East Wales the best chance of success in the match.
EWRAC is committed to offering equal opportunities to all of the athletes in the region. Any East Wales athlete is eligible. to be selected and will be considered as part of the selection process, providing they have achieved all that is
laid out within this selection policy. East Wales RAC will not discriminate in the selection of any athlete on the basis of any protected characteristic.
Covid Protocols
All athletes and team staff selected will be subject to Guidance at the time of this event.
Appeals Process
There shall be no right of appeal to the selection of the East Wales team made by the Panel.
De-Selection Process
De-selection of an athlete may occur following,
1. Failure to achieve the standard fitness testing protocols.
2. Failure to adhere to the Welsh Athletics athlete code of conduct.
If an athlete sustains an injury following acceptance of their position on the team, they are required to inform the Team
Leader immediately.
Team Managers
Joyce Tomala – 07588 357875
Darryn McAtee –,
Claire Barraclough
East Wales RAC reserves the right to amend this Selection Policy at its sole discretion and will make any amended version
publicly available (including the date on which the amendment was made) at


Match Standards IR 2023
EventLevel 3EventLevel 3
100 m13.40 sec100 m14.00 sec
200 m27.00sec200 m30.80 sec
800 m2 min 21.00 sec800 m2 min 35.00sec
80 mh14.00 sec75 mH13.30 sec
High Jump1.35 mHigh Jump1.25 m
Long Jump4.25 mLong Jump3.75 m
Pole Vault2.40 mPole Vault1.40 m
Discus20.00 mDiscus18.00 m
Javelin26.00 mJavelin21.50 m
EventLevel 3EventLevel 3
100 m12.50 sec100 m13.50 sec
200 m25.00 sec200 m29.70 sec
800 m2 min 12.0 sec800 m2 min 31.00 sec
3000 m10 min 0.00 sec3000 m11 min 45.0 sec
100 mH16.50 sec80 mH13.60 sec
High Jump1.50 mHigh Jump1.30 m
Pole Vault2.80 mPole Vault1.80 m
Triple Jump10.00 mTriple Jump8.75 m
Shot9.20 mShot8.20 m
Discus24.00 mDiscus22.00 m
EventLevel 3EventLevel 3
100 m11.90 sec100 m13.10 sec
200 m23.80 sec200 m28.50 sec
800 m2 min 07.0 sec800 m2 min 28.0 sec
3000 m9 min 05.0 sec3000 m11 min 15.0 sec
110 mH17.50 sec100 mH17.80 sec
High Jump1.61 mHigh Jump1.35 m
Pole Vault3.20 mPole Vault2.00 m
Triple Jump11.20 mTriple Jump10.00 m
Shot10.40 mShot8.80 m
Discus26.00 mDiscus26.00 m
Senior MENSenior WOMEN
EventLevel 3EventLevel 3
100 m11.30 sec100 m12.70 sec
200 m23.00 sec200 m27.20 sec
800 m2 min 03.0 sec800 m2 min 22.0 sec
3000 m8 min 45.0 sec3000 m10 min 45.0 sec
110 mH17.00 sec100 mH16.80 sec
High Jump1.67 mHigh Jump1.40 m
Pole Vault3.60 mPole Vault2.25 m
Triple Jump12.30 mTriple Jump11.00 m
Shot12.00 mShot10.20 m
Discus35.00 mDiscus35.00 m